About Us

SHARP Real Estates Services, LLC was incorporated By Bobbie Stam Boyken and C.J. Stam in November, 2006. Coming together in this great adventure called “SHARP”, are a team of successful Brokers and Realtors who bring an enthusiastic attitude and the highest professionalism to the Metro Atlanta and North Georgia Mountain marketplaces.

Sharp Real Estate Services has offices in both Sandy Springs near the Georgia 400 Corridor and in Downtown Blue Ridge. Our determination is to give the highest quality service through integrity, discretion and service to our customers and Clients. We know that purchasing real estate for yourself, family or as an investment is one of the most important financial decisions anyone makes. It will be clearly apparent when you speak with any one of our associates that they enjoy and respect the process.

In addition to superior Brokerage Services in Atlanta and North Georgia Sharp Real Estate Services also offers vacation home rental and property management through Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals in Blue Ridge, GA. This experience gives us unique insight on current market trends and time tested principles.

We know that well placed investments in Real Estate are a valuable part of anyone’s financial plan. Think about it – All rich or wealthy people own Real Estate. Why? There is a never ending need for homes and business properties. All financial and commodity markets cycle through ups and downs, Real Estate is no different. Because a few people made unwise decisions and hurt the industry for a time does not mean Real Estate as whole should be avoided. In fact prices are already starting back up in certain areas and it is only a matter of time until this trend spreads.

At SHARP, we enjoy and thrive in working with the other Real Estates Firms in our Market Areas. We take pride in assisting with selling their listings and sharing our properties with them for their buyers. After all, for the greater good of all buyers and sellers, Brokerage Firms must have a co-operative attitude. We enjoy being a leader and good citizens in our Industry.

Our mission is to assist our customers in fulfilling their Real Estate dreams and goals in a meaningful way so that they are left with the memory of a professional and pleasant experience.

We do business utilizing all the latest technology while maintaining the time tested successful attitude that the customer comes FIRST” ~ Bobbie Stam Boyken – Owner.

Sharp Real Estate