Bobbie Stam Boyken

Bobbie Stam Boyken

Bobbie Stam Boyken – Partner
Broker for Metro Atlanta & North Georgia Mountains

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Many people have asked Bobbie Stam Boyken why she became involved in the Real Estate Industry when she already owned a successful marketing business. “when you see an opportunity you seize the day.”

In the mid-80s Bobbie owned a property and thought she could sell it herself (as a FSBO “for sale by owner”). Due to her lack of knowledge at the time she lost more than $10,000.00 after her “rent to own” tenants moved out. That was a lot of money in the 80s! Bobbie was upset with herself for trying something so important without more knowledge. The lesson for Bobbie was – become a professional or hire one.

With a new goal in mind Bobbie sought out the largest and most successful Builder/Developer and over time convinced them to hire her so she could learn the Real Estate business. Once Bobbie started, she quickly became one of the top sales agents and sold nearly 100 homes in 9 months!

Noticed as a rising star in the Atlanta real estate community Bobbie was recruited to do an investor sell out of the first and largest Apartment to condo conversion in the greater metro Atlanta area. Bobbie notes, “That was a unique experience and a most interesting adventure. Best training on doing the impossible.” Heading the close out team they completed the task in 6 months.

Shortly after the condo transactions where complete a business associate asked Bobbie to take over the management of his Securities Brokerage Firm that specialized in Real Estate Securities specializing in Limited Partnerships and syndications. This required Bobbie to secure multiple Securities Licenses which opened up a new dimension of Real Estate as a pure investment. 1,000s of acres were syndicated, multiple commercial projects were successfully launched and communities of beautiful homes were developed due to Bobbie and her team of associates. “It all seemed fun to me…like MONOLOPY with real money and people.”

These transactions coupled with many other life lessons allowed Bobbie to continue building businesses and acquiring real estate.
A major turning point in Bobbie’s life came with the passing of her late husband. Bobbie turned her attention to concentrating on her families’ Real Estate Holdings and Investments. These focuses lead to a partnership with her son CJ Stam and the incorporation of SHARP Real Estate Services, LLC (Stam Holdings and Realty Partners). The mission was to share her knowledge and expertise to the benefit of others. Bobbie is often heard quoting Zig Ziglar’s saying “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Bobbie married Don R. Boyken a professional in the construction and project management Industry. When Bobbie met Don, he owned one of the largest Construction Project Management Firms in the USA and had an International presence having managed projects on 6 continents and in 60+ countries.

It is easy to recognize the value of a family business. Three of their five children are in the Real Estate business. CJ is General Manager and operating partner of Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals a division of SHARP Real Estate Services. Bobbie’s son Derek is a leading Real Estate Sales Professional in Orlando, Florida, and her daughter Maggie is a community manager over seeing one of the largest communities in Metro Atlanta. Together and as a family they have common goals and live very exciting lifestyles

Through Bobbie’s leadership and vision SHARP Real Estate Services, LLC is excited to assist you with your Real Estates buying, selling, developing, and investment interests!

Contact us so we can prove the difference that passion makes.

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